About Us

Once upon a time, after the Cubs home opener on April 9, 2007, a reluctant Karen was coaxed out for a drink by her friend Brittney. In an effort to keep the creeps away, Karen wore sweats to the bar; but Kris was not to be deterred. He was drawn to her lack of effort. So he approached her and rambled on about marsupials and terrible music. By the end of the night, Karen was smitten.

Unfortunately, Kris was, well, unavailable. Karen was left heartbroken, but she never stopped thinking about him.

Nine years later, sitting at Montrose Beach, Karen’s friend, Andrew, casually told her Kris had recently asked about her. Turns out, Andrew was also a friend of Kris, and Kris saw a picture of Andrew with Karen on Facebook.

She almost vomited, but wasn’t going to throw away her shot. She sent him a Facebook message that evening. Fortunately, Kris responded right away and asked her to a Cubs game. Some of you may have watched their first date live that night … because cameras always seem to find them. 

And now they’re getting married! Sometimes you have to play the long game. Turns out Karen’s dad was right all along: “Patience is a virtue.”

(Thank you Brittney Thomas, Andrew Bloustein, the Chicago Cubs, Sports Corner, Mark Zuckerberg and Mika.)